• With our solutions, you will:
  • Slash your utilty bills or be energy independent
  • Conserve water and save a fortune
  • Make your home greener and more comfortable!
  • Protect our environment and act on climate change!

Solar Power

Solar Systems  



Say goodbye to
crazy power bills.


Join more than 1.5 million Australian homes that have slashed their power bills by installing solar on their roof.


At G-Store, we make going solar simple. Our expert team will help you choose the best system to suit your needs and make sure you're saving the maximum amount of money each month.


Call G-Store on 1300 766 940 and start saving money!


Solar Systems - Power and Hot Water  







How much can you save
by going solar?


Going solar can cost less than you think and can slash your power bills by 50 to 95%, saving you thousands of dollars each year.


An affordable, good quality solar system without battery storage can cut your average power bills by around 60%. For even greater savings, install a small solar battery to cut your bills by 75% to 85%. If you want to go even further, install a larger solar and battery system and be 95%+ energy independent.


So whether it's a compact system to cut your daytime power use or a full-size premium system with battery storage, we'll design a system to suit your specific needs and budget to ensure you get the maximum return on your investment.


Join the energy revolution today and say goodbye to crazy power bills - forever.





Indicative comparision of Solar Savings


This comparison is a rough guide only based on average quarterly power bills for a large family home in Melbourne before and after installation of a 5kW solar pv system and 7kWh of battery storage. Exact savings will vary with your individual situation.


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At G-Store, our expert team are on hand to make going solar simple. We'll take care of everything from system selection to delivery and installation. We will even organise approvals and government rebates. Call now to start saving money!


Want to learn more about solar?

Download the free Beginners Guide to Solar e-Book from G-Store and LG. This guide is an excellent resource for anyone considering a solar system and will give you an overview of key considerations including: the benefits of installing solar, key components of a solar system, installation, incentives and government rebates, as well as tips on choosing a trustworthy solar installer and avoiding poor quality solar equipment

G-Store LG Beginners Guide to Solar

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G-Store LG Beginners Guide To Solar PDF Download


Solar options


Energy Independence

10-Star Savings Solutions10 Star Savings

If you're ready to be an energy saving leader, then look no further than our high capacity battery storage options with custom solar systems. You'll make your home 95%+ energy independent and can enjoy $0 net electricity bills! On top of that, you'll be taking the single greatest action a household can take to reduce your impact on the environment and help prevent worsening climate change.

Our expert team will help you select the best combination of solar panels and battery storage to maximise your independence.



G-Store 10 Star Energy Independent Solutions 

Battery Storage

9-Star Savings Solutions9 Star Savings

Take your home energy savings to a higher level by installing a small scale, affordable solar battery system. You'll be able to store the excess power you produce from your solar panels during the day. Use it at night instead of feeding it back into the grid for a measly $0.05.

With the latest scaleable solar batteries, you can start small and expand your capacity when you are ready to invest further. 

We can add battery storage to any new solar system or retrofit your existing system to increase your energy savings dramatically and provide the very best return on your investment.



G-Store 9 Star Solutions with Solar Battery Storage 

Daytime solar power

6-Star Savings Solutions6 Star Savings

Superior Value

Premium Style

Premium Performance

Superior Value Solar System Premium Style All Black Solar LG Panels Premium High Performance Solar - LG Panels with Enphase Micro Inverters
LG Mono X® 2 285W panels with Enphase micro inverters LG NeON 2 Black 300W panels with Enphase micro inverters LG NeOn 2 320W panels with Enphase micro inverters

Sensational value for money in performance quality system.

Elegant solid black premium panels in black anodised frames - ideal for the style conscious solar home.

Premium high performance system operates with maximum efficiency in all conditions.


Compare Systems

Superior Value

Premium Style

Premium Performance

Estimated additional output per square metre (compared with 250 watt panel)




Estimated additional system performace from micro inverters*

5 - 25%

5 - 25%

5 - 25%

Fully monitored system

Sized to suit your household power use from 3kW to 8kW

Battery storage ready


25 years+ 25 years+ 25 years+

G-Store installation warranty

6 years 6 years 6 years

Panel warranty

12 years 12 years 12 years

Panel performance warranty @ 25 years

83.6% 83.6% 83.6%

Inverter warranty

10 years 10 years 10 years

Transfer inverter warranty with sale of your home - add value to your sale!

Panel Comparison

Tier One solar panels

Panels can be oriented multiple ways

Better panel performance in low light

Better high temperature performance

Inverter Comparison

Class-leading inverter

Better low light system performance

Leading inverter in the U.S. residential market


Superior Value

Premium Style

Premium Performance



Only Leading Products from Top Tier Manufacturers

LG Panels with Enphase micro inverters LG Panels with Enphase micro inverters LG Panels with Enphase micro inverters


G-Store is a trusted
solar supplier.


G-Store is a well established, diversified Melbourne business with years of industry experience. We have solar PV systems installed in homes, businesses and local government across Victoria.


Our award winning system designer is accredited by Australian Clean Energy Council and is supported by a network of CEC accredited installers.


We only supply the best products backed with long warranties, from the world’s leading manufactures. We use Tier One panels, class leading string inverters or superior micro inverters and premium battery storage.


Clean Energy Council Member

Australian Solar Council Member

Talk to an expert

1300 766 940

At G-Store, our expert team are on hand to make going solar simple. We'll take care of everything from system selection to delivery and installation. We will even organise approvals and government rebates. Call now to start saving money!



*Enphase Micro Inverters compared with standard string inverters, perform better in low light or with panels oriented in multiple directions. They handle partially or fully shaded panels far better than string inverters.  Each panel is allowed to perform at maximum output instead of reducing the performance of all panels to the level of the worst performer. These factors vary greatly with individual installations over time, the claim of a 5-25% performance increase takes this into account.